How We Work



This is where therapy happens on a one to one basis in a clinic environment where you and your therapist will meet together throughout your course of therapy.

Telephone therapy

This is where therapy is conducted over the telephone only, you will never meet the therapist whilst using the telephone only. Telephone therapy is useful if you are not able to travel for a face to face appointment and works well in conjunction with face to face therapy. 

Skype therapy

Since skype became more mainstream it is now possible to arrange for therapy to take place using a computer. In order to do this you will need a skype account (which is free) and also access to a computer which has a microphone, speakers and a webcam. Using skype you and the therapist will be able to see each other which helps the process of therapy. Therapy via Skype is possible on its own but again works best alongside face to face therapy and is very useful for students who are not always living in the local area or adults where they have to travel with work. 

Online therapy

This is similar to Skype but uses a full range of webconferencing tools. For example use of a whiteboard and sharing of documents. This is a great aid to therapy which is not face to face and the best alternative to face-to-face therapy. Again this is useful for both students who are not able to travel to their local clinic, those living in other parts of the UK but wish to use a specific therapist, those who need to spend some time abroad or those living abroad who would like to have an english speaking therapist. In order to undertake online therapy you will need access to a computer with microphone, webcam and speakers.